“As we look back over the past year in our local community, a few things stand out.  One of them, of course, was the organization of a volunteer ambulance corps to serve Douglaston and Little Neck.” 

– The Ledger, 1958

In the Beginning. . . . . 

The idea of a local volunteer ambulance corps was spearheaded by the Little Neck Lions Club under the leadership of Al Houghton. This idea soon became a reality and, to the credit of practically all civic, fraternal and religious organizations and clubs in the area, cooperation was not lacking.  The Little Neck-Douglaston Community Ambulance Corps became a defining accomplishment of Little Neck and Douglaston in 1958. 

Initially, calls were accepted only through a doctor or the police, but by the fall of the first year, calls were accepted from any resident. To house the ambulance, a garage on Pembroke Avenue was rented.  Active operations began on March 30th, 1958 with 34 attendants qualified in first aid. Twenty-five hours after service began, the Corps got its first call and took a heart victim to North Shore Hospital (now North Shore University Hospital).

This canvass for funds and volunteers still continues at the present time…..


After only a few years in existence, the Ambulance Corps had quickly outgrown its rented home on Pembroke Avenue.  A search to find a permanent home for the Little Neck-Douglaston Community Ambulance Corps had begun!

In 1961, the Ambulance Corps bought property on Marathon Parkway, in Little Neck to build a permanent headquarters.  The property on Marathon Parkway was an ideal location due to its proximity to the center of the Ambulance Corps’ response area.

The original building had two separate garage doors leading into the ambulance garages on the first floor.  On the second floor was a large meeting room/crew lounge.  In 1981, the building went under a $50,000 renovation.  The front of the building was extended to accommodate the larger ambulances being built in this post-Cadillac era.  At the same time, a dispatcher’s office and a president’s office were both added to the first floor.  The second floor underwent minor changes.  The building was rededicated on October 18, 1981.


From the beginning, the Little Neck-Douglaston Community Ambulance Corps has always put an endless effort in maintaining ambulances that will be available for any emergency.  From our first ambulance in 1958, to our most recent ambulance in 2002, all of our ambulances have received the best treatment.

The Little Neck Douglaston Community Ambulance Corps has served our community with 45+ years of service. We own our building, which serves as our office for our volunteers and garage for our two modern, state of the art ambulances.  Our Emergency Medical Technicians are fully trained and certified by the State of New York to give basic life support to our patients from the time we arrive, until the time we transfer them to Hospital. 

We are constantly striving to raise funds and recruit new volunteers to support the organization.  TODAY. . . . .

YOUR help is essential to continue the tradition started by YOUR Community Ambulance Corps in 1958.